Triplo Max - Bla Bla Bla
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Triplo Max
Bla Bla Bla

  • Категория: Клубная / Танцевальная / Хиты 2020
  • Формат: MP3
  • Исполнитель: Triplo Max
  • Размер: 6.2 mb
  • Продолжительность: 2:29
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Прослушали: 5
  • Добавлено: 29 июль 2020
Текст песни
[Style 1: Old-School Rap]
I straight rock to the rhythm, got the audience clappin‘
Gonna utilize 27 styles of rappin‘
Other people may have tried a video like this
But you know my shit is phatter and they all gettin‘ dissed
Oh yes, yes, y‘all, I‘m too fresh, y‘all
Kate Upton got some nice breasts y‘all
But if she ain‘t got a booty, she ain‘t get in my jeans
She need to do squats and eat some macaroni and cheese

[Style 2: Boom Bap]
East New York from the Boogie Town, Bronx where the criminals hang
We pushin‘ fat whips and criminal slang
Triple fat goose jackets, Timb boots, and black beepers
My style is deadly, you could call me the rap reaper

[Style 3: G-Funk]
Man, I‘m from Cali, I ain‘t givin‘ a fuck
I got a 40-oz. of O, straight gettin‘ drunk
You know I‘m hanging at the Marriott with a few bitches
Drive away in my 64, hittin‘ my switches
I‘m saying oh, girl
I‘m a motherfuckin‘ gangster
And when you give me pussy, I‘m gonna say thank ya‘
Cause I appreciate it
[Style 4: Hyphy Movement]
The hyphy movement was so fucking incredible
We got the ecstasy, we thizz, right on, fuck a schedule
I‘m in the cut, I‘m getting hyphy-hyphy-hyphy-hyphy
Can you understand me? That‘s unlikely-likely-likely-likely
We go dumb, all the big bottles
And tropical K‘s throwin‘ gang signs where we from
I got the molly, get a quick taste
Put Mac Dre on the five dollar bill doing the thizz face

[Style 5: Crunk]
Man, this is the Crunk style, okay
You gotta sound tough, no matter what you say!
I think kittens are cute!
I think puppies are cute!
Koala bears are cute!
I like sloths, panda bears too
I‘m a gangster, like Ryan‘s toy review!

[Style 6: Bay Area/Mobb Music]
I‘m from the city and you know it‘s the town
Ten toes to the turf, put my foes on the ground
Take a whiff of black and mild, this that thug car smell
We moving weight up out the trunk like a drug cartel
[Style 7: Old Kanye]
I‘m not good in my impression of Kanye
I bought my girl a Louis Vuitton latté
Master Ceremonies, MC‘s, I‘m sorry
You a master of none like Aziz Ansari

[Style 8: New Kanye]
Man, I‘ve been crazy
Ever since my girl made a tape with Ray J
Cause Ray J my favorite actor
And I wanna make Part 2 with him, I have to
Then I wanna make Part 3
Featurin‘ me, having sex with me
Dance, in leather pants
Vote Donald Trump

[Style 9: Jay-Z]
(Young, Young, uh)
Young Mac in the place to be, be
Got Cristal bottles, two hundred dollar, P
Ma, you look like Janet
Diamonds in my Rolex looking like pomegranates

[Style 10: The Neptunes]
I sing outta key
I‘m not even close
I‘m so-o-o rich
I eat avocado toast
(Now lemme see your titties)
[Style 11: Eminem (on drugs)]
I used to rap humble, now what I say is cocky
Insane and stocky, like the goalie from a game of hockey
You can hit me in the face to stop me, but my name is Rocky
I‘mma make you promptly learn MMA and go take karate
You gon‘ have to fight me with a hand grenade and a Glock
Two cannons, chains and a rock and a bandage taped to your cock
My fucking enemies ran away, didn‘t watch
When I cock back the gat, and I blam away like I‘m Pac

[Style 12: Rap Rock]
(Oh yeah, boiiiii)
All you gotta do is be white and nasal
And you can be a rap-rock singer on cable
Blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah
Music like this sucks blah, blah blah blah

[Style 13: U.K. Grime]
Man, don‘t give a fuck, competition
You know they get killed in the booth
You know I gotta grind like a dentist
And now you get drilled in the tooth
Who the fuck‘s that man? What a cum sock
Man look at enemies like they kumquat
Bye boy, you look like you‘re very built
Rappers from the UK are very skilled

[Style 14: Mumble Rap]
(English) *slurred gibberish* Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, bad bitches
(Translation) In physics, quantum dynamics is the quantum version of classical dynamics. Quantum dynamics deals with the motions, and energy and momentum exchanges of systems whose behavior is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. Quantum dynamics is relevant for burgeoning fields, such as quantum computing and atomic optics

[Style 15: Miami Trap]
Huh, I‘m a drug dealer that‘ll creep up on ya
All I want is cocaine and three cheese lasagna (Uhh)
I got a yacht, where I go relax
I spent a million bucks on some Little Debbie snacks (Boss)
You know I almost got indicted, boy
I hid a key of coke in my pet tiger‘s butt (Uhh)
Countin‘ cash money, I don‘t need a visa
I can‘t rap, man, I‘m hungry, I need a pizza (Uhh)

[Style 16: Reggae]
Nope, I gotta draw the line here, man, I‘m not doin‘ a fuckin‘ Jamaican accent

[Style 17: NYC Jazz Rap]
Listen to me while I kick a sick rap flow
Girls sendin‘ XO‘s like its tic-tac-toe
The beats are all jazzy and the rhymes all fresh
This style was perfected by A Tribe Called Quest

[Style 18: West Coast Underground]
But on the West Coast, D-E-L and Hiero
Did it too, and we rocked the phone, the micro
Take jazzy underground, hip-hop on vinyl
Didn‘t talk about violence, it was more mindful

[Style 19: Horrorcore/Juggalo]
Take a bloody axe and walk through a haunted house
Smoke a dead body, ‘til I get cotton mouth
Eat their motherfuckin‘ brain and their fuckin‘ toes
Family for life, Juggalo (Woo-Woo)

[Style 20: Houston Slab]
I‘m slammin‘ Cadillac do‘s
Switchin‘ lanes, wood grind, ridin‘ Chevy on vogues
Candy paint on my dick, man these hoes can‘t chill
South Texas, motherfucker, we just way too real

[Style 21: Club]
Uh, you know I be in the club
Me and my thugs got VIP in the club
I say the same line in the club
‘Cause you know the word club always rhymes with the club, uh
I love the club, let‘s go to the club
I got my girlfriend, my wife, and my hoe at the club
Club-club, club at the club
If the seal don‘t dance, he gettin‘ clubbed at the club

[Style 22: Drake]
Ooo, girl, you and me should lie down, oooh
Kiss me on my big ass eyebrows, girl
I‘m so unlucky
Rihanna use a strap-on when she fuck me, oooh
Because I-I sing about my mom like she‘s my girlfriend
My mom‘s my girlfriend, Oedipus
Girl, don‘t you start now, oooh
You want my heart now, oooh
You want some lovin‘ by I Dutch oven
Pull up the sheets and fart now, oooh

[Style 23: Reggaeton??]
Ok! Yeah, y‘all
This Mr. 305
Mami, move that booty if you love particle science, yah

[Style 24: Wu-Tang]
Hey, yo God
Kung-fu death grip, bust your head like a watermelon
Pour the candle wax on a spotted leopard
Fly Adidas Tracksuit
Hundred twenty apple flavored golden pussies
Rockin‘ with a coat made out of crab legs

[Style 25: Chopped & Screwed]
Girl, my gold teeth make me cuter than an otter, otter
I be sippin‘ cough syrup, syrup like it‘s water

[Style 26: Memphis Rap]
See a thick bitch as she wiggle her ass
I am a fuckin‘ baller man, I‘m gonna throw up my cash
Man, I‘m from Memphis, Tennessee, Land of the Players and Pimps
It doesn‘t matter what the beat sound like, I‘m rappin‘ like this

[Style 27: Midwest Chopper]
God? Are you listening?
Please help me stop fucking strippers and make me do an album with Mac Lethal
And sippin‘ fine wine
It‘s time, N9ne, design lines
Time lines fine
I climb vines like Einstein
Takin‘ a pint of shine
They confined, it‘s rhyme time
Stickin‘ the chopper, flickin‘ this
It‘s my time and I shine
I grind behind dimes
Divide spines, prime rhyme slime
And nine plus nine
Is eighteen, minus nine
Is nine and I‘m N9ne
As long as I‘m N9ne
Everybody knows that I‘m fine
(Cheeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *cough*)

[Style 28: Dipset (bonus)]
I‘m from Harlem, that means I‘m forever the man
But what that mean? That means I‘m forever the man
Bitches wanna get married, never no chance
Mami just desperate for a ring like Kevin Durant

[Every beat in the song was produced by Michael "Seven" Summers.]
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